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Counterfeiting and fraud cases are on the rise. We understand the dire situation that we are currently in and thus, we have an anti-counterfeiting programme that addresses this issues. Our team of experience and expert personnel will conduct a thorough investigation whilst compiling evidence to conduct raids. Our excellent rapport with the governing body helps us to coordinate these raids and also assist enforcement agencies from Ministry Of Domestic Trade, Co-Operate and Consumererism (MDTCC). Our cooperation with MDTCC also goes into verification of products in all their branches nationwide. We also provide product training with government body such as KPDNKK and Royal Custom Malaysia. 

To be sucessful, a company must have the right information at the right time. The process of information gathering is not just about data gathering, but to fully understand the information given and dissecting it and understanding the risks and oppurtunities given. We can help out clients by exposing the hidden or concealed information and by providing transactional and market analysis to identify risks or threats to their business. Our methods are simple by combining investigative capabilitues and primary source research.
With our many resources and experience, we also assist clients in conducting market survey regionally and globally. Our scope of work encompasses many aspectss of the products from the ground up. We will conduct product or brand insights, consumer survey or focus group, research on surrounding areas or areas of interest. The research and finding will help clients to build a more focus strategy.


Ignorance is bliss is a saying most companies use in today's market. Time and time again, investigations had proved that when a company's reputation and financial stability are at stake, knowing anything less than everything is courting disaster. In order to be successful in today's market, you have to be able not just to plan your next move, but also the move after. There are 3 main areas that we are focusing on;
Companies face allegations and fraud not just from other partied but also within their own organisation. These includes internal fraud, violations of law, regulations and company policies, embezzlement, accounting irregularities and information leak just to name a few. All of the investigations will be done discreetly and swiftly. Working closely with clients and their legal advisors, we will conduct thorough investigations and gather evidence in major ligitation and commercial disputes. We can also assist in locating concealed and hidden assets. 
Working closely with our clients, we will gather information regarding the opposition's strategy, tactics and weaknesses. Inteligence and information derived from these reports will be used as evidence that can be used in negotiations. With the information's gathered, our clients will have a better understanding and know how to act and approach to strengthen their company.
In these uncertain economical climate, fraud cases have risen dramatically. Based on the recent report from one of the top 4 accountings, 61% of respondents expect the level of fraud to increase over the next 2 years. In addtiion, 89% believe that the trend of fraud as well as financial statement fraud (78%) will significantly rise as a result of the current economic crisis. 49% of all respondents experienced at least one fraud during the survey period with a total of 714 separate fraud incidences being reported. 
Our process in an investigations will be : 
  • Research the facts of the invesgation
  • Evaluate the most appropriate investigatory path and potential actions
  • Fact finding through wide ranging interviews and source documentation
  • Compiling informations to help client decide base on report results



Due deligence is the process of evaluating a prospective business decision by getting information about the financial, legal and other matters which are important. The prospective buyer has to validate their decision whether it's prudent to continue their business relations. It is an investigation going through the financial situations of a business, legal obligations, customers record and other documents. We divide it into 3 areas which are : 
Integrity Due Diligence has become a vital part of the due diligence process for companies. We will provide them with detailed insights into a target company and its principles. This will enable our clients to identify and address risk issues before committing themselves. The type of risk is particularly significant when the company is operating in unfamiliar environment where local partners are previously unknown to the company and information on local ethical practices is scarce. 
Investigative due diligence is an essential service for organizations and investors who concerned about the unknown dimensions of a potential acquisition, investment or business relationships. It is an analysis of the background of the third party that allows the concerned party to responsibly and confidently invest with that third party. It is a necessary part of corporate compliance prigrams. It is a separate and distinct from legal and financial due diligence, yet equally important and vital in these economic times. 
We assist financial institutions, private equity firms, hedge funds, institutional investors, high-net worth individual investors and their legal counsel in identifying and avoiding risks by exposing the concealed elements of prospective transactions and relationships. 



Knowledge is power when hiring and approaching the right people and vendors, theresfore background screening is an essential tool for organizations to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong people due to lack of information. With our expertise and cutting edge technology, we will deliver a comprehensive screening which encompasses: 
  1. Communication check
  2. Business interest check
  3. Credit check
  4. Resume check
  5. Criminal convictions
  6. Past terminations
  7. Lifestyle check 
  8. Reputation check 
  9. Media check
  10. Other checks
Whatever the reason, be it logistic / distribution fraud irregularities, tracking daily activities of individual or even employees; we have highly experienced surveillance team that will provide you with an effective service that will bring you satisfactions. 
Drawing from our pool of experience and knowledge, we have personnel that are competent and qualified to give close protection / body guard serbice to ensure the safety of VIPS who may be exposed to elevated personal risk due to the nature of their employment which may include: 
  1. Corporate meeting
  2. Company AGM 
  3. Celebrity status
  4. Association meeting
We have a comprehensive range of equipment suited to the needs and demands of our clients for the purpose of debugging and sweeping. We will ensure that you are protected and safeguarded from bugs or wiretaps planted by friends or business associates who wish to gain unauthorized access to valuable information, ideas and confidential communication. 





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